Arab Strategy Forum

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The Arab Strategy Forum is the first platform for forecasting the geopolitical and economic events regionally and globally, for the most influential leaders and decision-makers. In collaboration with the experts globally, and with a number of researchers and scholars specializing in economic and political, and the best global think tanks. The Forum provides a clear forward-looking picture of decision-makers on the future of many issues; this will enable leaders to develop strategic plans to meet the geopolitical and economic challenges. The platform is formed in an annual event with the world’s most important political and economic figures, as well as publishing series of reports during the year. The Forum also provides a specialized training programs in geopolitical and economic analysis and forecasting for decision-makers, academics and media professionals.

The Arab Strategy Forum Platform, enables leaders in the private and public sectors to make strategically informed decisions, navigate risks and exploit opportunities. The Platform performs that mandate by developing pioneering, short-term forecast thought leadership and insights. The forum provides a premier platform to world leaders and global shapers to discuss geopolitical and economic trends, insights and impactful strategies to impact the world.